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Managing Your Company Can Be Hard. We Make It Easier.

Help your businesses see and understand how their employees work so that they can innovate faster. Now more than ever, that kind of innovation is required for companies. It’s grown into an online experience that provides assessments, courses, and AI designed to transform your employees and company. 


We can give you and your company a platform that fits you! Everything from your logo to the information you want to be taught, you customize it!

This establishes such a great connection between your employees, students, or clients and the platform. We provide everything, and you get the credit for it!


After the iCÜE evaluation, iCÜE will give you course and content suggestions specific to what you rated your mood that day. For example, if you placed "Relationships and Love" low, you would receive content and course suggestions that will help you through and get the rating higher. If you rate "Career and Business" low, you will receive recommendations that will help you pinpoint what is causing that rating and how you can make your work life easier. Take advantage of the 24/7 virtual coach you have access to. 

Personalized Courses

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Take your training to the next level! What people want is an education that fits exactly what they need. Choose what types of education your employees are learning. Better your company today!

Imagine if your car automatically just drove you exactly where you wanted to go. That's the magic in iCÜE. Our AI delivery system finds what you need and delivers it in real-time. 

Reports & Analytics 

Check up on your users with this simple report page you have access to. Recognize what people are struggling in, succeeding in, or what they need guidance in.

You can also view what courses most people complete. These reports will help you conduct efficient meetings in your company.

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Ready to Benefit Your Company?

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