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Helping Brands Across Industries Achieve Their Objectives 

Use these features to improve the work and life experience for your

employees, students, or clients.

iCue platform

Customizable Platform

We can give you and your company a platform that fits you! Everything from your logo to the information you want to be taught, you customize it!

This establishes such a great connection between your employees, students, or clients and the platform. We provide everything, and you get the credit for it. 

Personalized Suggestions

After iCÜE evaluation takes place, iCÜE will give you course and content suggestions specific to what you rated your mood that day. For example, if you rated "Relationships and Love" low, you would receive content and course suggestions that will help you through and get the rating higher. If you rate "Career and Business" low, you would receive suggestions that will help you pinpoint what is causing that rating and how you can make your work life easier. Take advantage of the 24/7 virtual coach you have access to. 

Interchangeable Roadmap

iCÜE can deliver on a roadmap specifically on any need you have. Whether you are sending your sales team to training, students to start getting familiar with the platform, or show easy steps to help, your students learn a skill or earn accomplishments.

The Roadmap feature can be used for any use. Students will gain more of a hand-held experience in the platform with this feature. iCÜE has had many successes in students' lives with step by step course series.

Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 4.53.30 PM.png

Fits All Team Sizes

Here at iCÜE, we have developed many different instances for you. Our platform can fit any size of team, company, or industry. We work with you to set up the best way to pay for your students. Check out the Pricing Page.

We have helped companies better their users no matter how big or small their platform is.

Ready to Kickstart Your Journey?

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