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ICUE TECHNOLOGY: Bringing Together Education and People using AI and Machine Learning

iCue Josh Christopherson CEO

A more educated society will translate into higher innovation rates, higher overall efficiency through the willingness of businesses to adopt new and improved production methods and faster adoption of new technology. Technology is making essential improvements in the way companies do business, faster in some sectors than in others. Joshua K. Christopherson, CEO of iCUE Technology, and his partners have been in the education sector for over 20 years, mainly in distance learning. They found that one of the main challenges in education is the way it is approached.

Having a learner want to participate and develop is also where businesses fall short. As businesses find they have more employees operating remotely, this has become more and more of a challenge. Many invest in learning management systems and other software and tools to other content and training when a business wants to help its employees develop and learn. Many employees never really participate; others only go through the motions. The organization had been solving these problems for years and worked on its own software and AI to deliver personalized content and mentor an employee or learner.

A primary driver of economic development is innovation. These days innovation is all about placing the puzzle pieces together to solve a given business problem. It is an integral part of running a healthy company to have a strong workforce that feels like a genuine part of the business. Furthermore, other critical features include being courageous enough to take chances, recognizing when to pull the plug on areas that do not meet standards and keeping informed about all the latest variables impacting their marketplace. iCUE Technology has been listed as one of the Top 10 Innovative Brands of the Year 2021, following months of research and assessment of hundreds of fastest-growing technology companies.

“As we initially rolled out our learning and development software, businesses began reaching out to us before we were even ready because of our background in education and personal development. We knew we were onto something. We were solving problems individual learners had faced for years, so the same principles translated across to needs in the B2B space,” said Joshua K. Christopherson. iCUE Technology’s AI was then created and taught to work with employees to remove limiting beliefs and improve happiness by training the individual. It discovers effectively what personal problems an employee faces and recommends classes, videos, audios, and then prompts action.

Our success in training employees is from a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence.

When iCUE Technology’s second version of software went live, things took of for the organization. Public schools started using selected courses and services to support teenagers for anxiety and dispute resolution. Network marketing agencies began using it to train their teams, professional sports trainers, and even the medical industry started licensing the software to train nurses.

iCUE Technology’s software has solved the motivation issue with getting employees or learners to want to engage. The organization is leading the way in helping businesses steer their employees to greater career
satisfaction and happiness. The iCUE software enables organizations to use their content they want to bring to their users or a combination of hundreds of courses and content from iCUE. This gives companies the ability to serve who they want, and iCUE’s AI recommends the content required for an employee or customer, giving them success both at work and outside of work in their lives.

iCUE Technology never set out to create another content delivery tool or LMS. The organization wanted to solve the problems businesses face when delivering training to individuals and, in the process, improve happiness and satisfaction in the workplace. To do that, the founders needed to create the content they had learned over 20 years would “move the needle” for businesses. Then coach people through it and drive them to success on a personal level. Too many companies are trying to create an app or simple tool to solve this. Experience has shown the founders that while a meditation app or push notification can be fun and seem significant, it won’t solve individuals’ underlying problems on their learning path. The founders solved that with the software, and once they did it, the results catapulted its tech to the front of the learning space.

“Our success in training employees is from a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence. The benefits of AI-backed learning are massive. It allows us to fill in the gaps and customize the learner’s experience to the individual specifically. AI allows us to find how a person feels and tailor our training and learning to exactly what moves the needle for the individual or the business. Combining that type of insight with our Mentor on Demand™ tool allows a student to connect with a coach live, face-to-face, and get the support and immediate help to see results quickly,” added Christopherson.

Many businesses are presented with the difficulty of getting someone to participate in training or learning regularly. Whether it is skillset training or culture development training, it is often difficult to get an employee or individual to develop new habits. With iCUE Technology’s AI coach, it was resolved. The AI coach will reach out, and check in with individuals about how they feel and then communicate with them and recommend ideas or tools to assist. When the organization launched this tool, interaction with the clients grew by over 85% overnight. This year, iCUE Technology is working on some fantastic solutions for companies. Just one exciting thing the organization will be rolling out is to incorporate voice technology and analyze sounds and tones in the learner’s voices to assist curate content and serve it up

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