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No matter what industry you are in, we specialize in helping any individual.

Use our platform to personalize experiences to your industry. Read below what type of industries we help.


While iCÜE tracks health in every characteristic of the students' well-being, this technology contributes to people's desired results in their lives. iCÜE causes a deeper understanding of health and offers personalized courses and content on fixing or reverse health issues.


iCÜE drastically changes the education experience for all students by effectively teaching conflict resolution, reducing anxiety, and teaching happiness habits. No matter what education your students are a part of, iCÜE has the technology to customize their learning, causing them to progress more intently. Here is a list of some of the education subgroups that use iCÜE.
•    Formal educations with K-12 programs and under and post-graduate programs. 
•    Informal educations with homeschooling, out-of-school activities, programs, and organizations. 
•    Special Educations that teach developmental disabilities and other conditions that may impair the ability to learn in a class setting. 

Professional Services

For clients or employees, iCÜE makes a significant difference for both. When your clients have access to the platform and iCÜE, they are more likely to stay loyal and bring friends and family onboard. Helping your team grow exponentially. When employees have access to our AI technology, their work ethic improves. Users of the platform show 3x more satisfaction with their lives and selves, creating more revenue and transforming your culture.

Real Estate

iCÜE has benefited the careers and lives of thousands of real estate agents and even individual investors. Real Estate companies looking to enhance their training and onboarding for their teams use iCÜE to deliver their content—all reporting 60% or more engagement with their businesses and doubled sales. Investors utilize our platform to keep their mindset and skillset in check while consistently working on deals reporting higher success. 

Network Marketing

Why is it that some distributors can recruit and others can't? Our platform has been proven to eliminate the distractions and limiting beliefs that hold your team back, increasing your growth by as much as 3X. iCÜE allows you to customize the content your downline sees. With consistent direction and guidance in areas proven to create your best producers, people will stick and thrive.
•    91.2% say our LMS helped them grow their direct sales business seeing 38% more revenue.
•    95% say it helps them stay with their direct sales company when difficulties arise.
•    89% retention rate for new associates compared to an average 40% making it past 90 days.

Healthcare and High Tech
Network Marketing
Professional Services
Education and Financial

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